As previously reported, testing for lead on window sills and floors was completed at Hough Elementary School on May 25-26. Recently, the district requested a second testing report to get more precise readings of lead levels in various areas. The second report confirmed that nearly all areas are well below current EPA action levels.

Window sills

Lead is measured and reported in micrograms per square foot.

  • The current U.S. Environmental Protection Agency action level for lead on window sills is 250 micrograms per square foot.
  • A new proposed level for window sills is 100 micrograms per square foot.

Two Hough rooms tested below the current EPA action level for window sills, but slightly above the new proposed action level.

  • The window sill in room 110 tested at 155.97 micrograms per square foot.
  • The window sill in room 201 tested at 149.44 micrograms per square foot.


  • The current EPA action level for lead on floors is 40 micrograms per square foot.
  • The new proposed level for floors is 10 micrograms per square foot.

At Hough, a tile floor in room 207, a computer lab, tested at 79.87 micrograms per square foot under the window.

Out of an abundance of caution, all windows and floors have been professionally cleaned by a certified maintenance crew. Windows and floors have been retested. We will share those test results as soon as they are available.

In addition, the windows and floors will be cleaned by a certified crew on a regular basis throughout next year. Windows at Hough will be replaced in 2020 as part of a planned upgrade at the school using funds from the 2017 bond measure.

Lead-based paint and its dust are most commonly found in buildings and homes constructed before 1978. If you have concerns about lead exposure, talk to your health care provider. If you have questions, contact Public Health at 564-397-8182 or the school office at 360-313-2100.

You can learn more about lead exposure on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website,