Jessica GrahamDear families and community members,

Welcome to Hough Elementary School! There are many things that make Hough Elementary unique: Hough at Night activities, the Hough Foundation, the diversity of our students, the rich history of the school and the neighborhood itself. Anyone who walks the hallways of our school or the streets of the Hough neighborhood has likely experienced this awesome feeling.

The staff here at Hough is committed to meeting the needs of our diverse students. We believe that through working collaboratively, we can ensure that all students learn the necessary academic, social and emotional skills to be successful citizens. We are dedicated to continual growth in our own teaching skills and abilities. We do this by learning from one another and through ongoing professional development opportunities.

I want to invite you to be a participant in what we do at Hough, whether through volunteer opportunities or just participating in the events throughout the year. We believe that parent and community involvement are among the keys to student success.

Please feel free to call or email me with any questions or suggestions.

Go, Hawks!


Jessica Graham
Principal, Hough Elementary