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Welcome to our library!

  • Hough Library
  • Hough Library
  • Hough Library

What’s going on at the library?

Washington State Library STEM Grant

The Hough library was awarded 50 new nonfiction STEM books.  These books about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are great additions to our library collection.  Stop by and check one out today!

  • Decorated Pumpkins

The Great Pumpkin Decorating Contest

What:  Using an uncut/ non-carved pumpkin, decorate it to look like a book character. You can glue, paint, color, and attach items to your pumpkin, just don’t carve it or cut into it.  Carved pumpkins [...]

Question of the week

Grades K–2

What date is Saint Patrick’s Day?

Grades 3–5

What is the national flower of Ireland?

Check out these new books in the library!


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